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Plywood is an engineered timber product produced in many countries such as North America, Scandinavia, Russia, China, The Uk, Europe and The Baltic. It is well known in the Offsite MMC Timber Frame Industry, furniture and general construction where it has been used for many years .

Advantages is it is solid and strong and can be weather resistant (WBP) and easy to use, extremely stable and can be made with added overlays and ingredients to enhance performance, weatherproofing and insulation.

Plywood Panel – are generally graded and certified and are supplied as low grade with face defects for general construction or hoarding and shuttering to high grade clear of defects for furniture and luxury finishings.


Thicknesses: 9, 12,15,18, 21mm
Widths: 1.2M, 2.4M
Lengths: 2.4M, 2.7M

Birch Plywood is available from our sources via The Baltics, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus

Other Sizes from different manufacturers maybe available on Application

Available for Shipping, Imported in FULL LORRY LOADS/CONTAINERS from UK, European, Canada and North America by LORRY LOAD QUANTITIES from UK stockists.