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LSL (Laminated STRAND Lumber)

LSL is an engineered timber product mostly from North America and is well known in the Offsite MMC Timber Frame Industry and is used for rim-boards around floor systems and also in high strength areas such as headers and beams in place of steel or concrete.  LVL is made from Kiln dried timber wafers like OSB and glued together to form continuous lengths,.

Advantages: it is light and very strong and easy to use, extremely stable and can be made to handle longer spans than equivalent sized solid timber. It can be made from continuous extrusions allowing up to 12M or longer production runs which can be cut to size to specific projects.

LSL – Lightweight alternative to Steel, Concrete, and Solid. Extended Spans and easy to use. All supplied to Certified systems and accredited Design criteria.  


Thicknesses: 1 ½ “, 1 ¼”, 1 ¾”, 3 ½ “

Widths: 9 ½” to 16”

Lengths: up to 60FT

Floors, Roofs or Walls can be designed to specific requirements.

29mm Rim-board available

Other Sizes on Application

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Generally, more affordable than LVL although not quite as strong

Available for Shipping, Imported in FULL LORRY LOADS/CONTAINERS from European and North America by LORRY LOAD QUANTITIES from UK stockists.


Eliminates twisting, splitting and shrinkage

Lightweight and dimensionally stable

 design, take offs, extensive technical brochures

Superior strength and easy installation of services

Reduces thermal bridging

Easy cutting with hand or machine tools

dried, machine graded and finger jointed

PEFC & FSC Certified

Environmentally friendly