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CLS Timber is Kiln Dried, Planed All Around Softwood, usually Whitewood or SPF and is generally used in the Timber Frame Construction and the DIY Structural Timber market, structurally graded to meet C16 strength class.

CLS Timber can be supplied from Canada/USA where it is the accepted Structural Building product for Timber Frame Construction but also can be sourced from Scandinavian, Baltic or European and UK sources.

CLS Specificatoin

CLS – Kiln Dried – Planed All Around with Eased Edges – Graded & Supplied Stamped to C16 Strength Class – Heat Treated to 56Degs/30Mins – ISPM15 –– PEFC and/or FSC – Supplied Untreated or Low Pressure Treated UC2 (BS8417) – Wrapped 5 Sides –  PTL


Nominal SizeActual SizePieces per pack
50mm x 75mm Nominal(38mm x 63mm Actual) 486
50mm x 100mm Nominal(38mm x 89mm Actual)349
50mm x 150mm Nominal(38mm x 140mm Actual)216

Note: 50mm x 75mm is NOT Grade Stamped

Lengths: 2.4M to 5.4M as Falling

Available for Shipping, Imported in FULL LORRY LOADS/CONTAINERS from Canada, Sweden, Baltic States, and by LORRY LOAD QUANTITIES from UK Sawmills.